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Q: How can I donate to your project?

A: Click here to donate!


Q: What is the difference between an manual and automatic mechanical watch?

A: An automatic watch is usually thicker to accommodate the rotor that spins to autowind the watch.


Q: How long will it take for me to receive my watch?

A: Each watch is individually crafted for you. Every component is ordered, and put together by me. Expect a crafting and delivery time of 40-60 days.


Q: What color buckle will I get if I order a leather strap?

A: I will match the finish of the buckle to the finish of the watch case.


Q: Will a magnet harm my watch?

A: It is best to keep magnets away from your mechanical watch. If the iron in your watch gets magnetized it can increase the friction or your movement, and slow it down.


Q: What about a warranty?

A: Per our Terms: There is NO warranty on anything you purchase. However we do stock parts and tools to repair it yourself. We also supply instructions and videos.


Q: What do you do with any money generated by this website?

A: All profit after expense goes directly back into the JewelryCycle project. Writing articles and how-tos. Making videos, open source designs, and crafting beautiful things.